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Dennis Hatch

Dennis Hatch Biography

Dennis Hatch already had some talent in his family when he first started to play pool. His father Gregory was a former professional pool player and competed in all major local tours until he passed away.

Dennis started playing pool at the age of 2, when his father taught him by playing pool on the floor with pictures. At the age of 9, Dennis learned the hard way about the outcomes of betting on the sport by losing his first bet.

From the age of 9 until 15 Dennis continued to sharpen his skills by playing in pool halls and tournaments for both money and trophies.

At 15 Dennis tried his hand at pool on road. His first stop was at Chattanooga Tennessee playing a high stakes gambler where he did end up winning, however not as much as he would have liked. At this point Dennis was more elated to be playing with such big name people like Nick Varner, Mike Siegel, and many more.

At 20 Dennis placed 2nd at the 1991 U.S. Open against Buddy Hall, the youngest player to finish so high to date. From age 21-30, Dennis won the Akron Open, Pro Tour Player’s Championship, and many other events. With some life altering setbacks, Dennis is looking to make a strong comeback to this sport that has helped develop who he is.